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Dermatologists of Novato Dermatology, in Marin County

Dr. Frederickson went above and beyond in helping find my son’s illness. She informed us of the disease at length to fully understand what has been happening to him and what can be done to help improve his condition . . . Medicare would not pay for the medicine necessary for my son’s condition.  My son called Dr. Frederickson and through her persistence and caring they allowed the prescription to be paid. It has been a long time since I have seen a doctor so dedicated and concerned for a patient.  Sincerely, Joanne”

“My wife and I have been patients of Stephen Dalton M.D. and Novato Dermatology for over four years. All the medical and administrative staff in his office have been efficient and caring in solving our many medical issues. We highly recommend them to anyone in need of dermatological care. G.C.”

“I received outstanding care from Dr. Kim Frederickson.  She performed a very careful examination and determined that minor surgery was necessary. This procedure was completed with great skill and assurance. She instills absolute confidence through her manner and professional pride. She is a great credit to your hospital and deserves many commendations. John”

“Dear Dr. Frederickson, Wanted to express my thanks for your expertise and treatment for my office visit.  I appreciate your prompt follow-up with pathology reports.  However, I really want to convey how much I connected with you on a more personal and emotional level. You are very kind, honest, and intuitive. Nancy”

Dr. Dalton, Thank you for giving me the best advice ever. I was so nervous and I am very happy that did such a good job. I owe you big time. So you are getting a big box of See’s Candy. I really know that if you hadn’t told me about new moles and freckles I might not be here to say thank you. I love my scar. Your patient, Clarice”

Dr. Frederickson–we will be moving on May 26th and just wanted to tell you how much your love and care have meant to me!! No other Doctor can take your place.”

“Dear Dr. Frederickson, Nancy and I hope you know how much we appreciate your being so special with our Keli. Your special gentleness with her has put her at ease. I believe if not for you she would not have proceeded with her process at all. Your help with the medicine and even finding a lower cost on the blood test has been wonderful. On my first appointment with you a few years ago, I left your office thinking you were special and I was lucky to have found you for my doctor. Thank You, Don and Nancy”

“My children and I have seen Dr. Dalton many times over the years, and for many reasons. We have always found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, attentive, caring, friendly and thorough. I cannot say enough positive things about him or his work, and I HIGHLY recommend him!”

“Dear Dr. Frederickson, you showed compassion and sincerity to me that was very helpful and enabled me to make it through a very rough time. I wish you a long and successful career, and that you maintain the qualities that helped me so much. Sincerely, Lea and family”

“To Dr. Frederickson, the doctor who always seems to be in. You are the most generous person I know. Love, M.”

“Dear Dr. Frederickson, we want to say thank you for the beautiful talent you have for putting together lives that need your expertise. We are so pleased that the surgeries that you did for Charlie are barely noticed after healing. Both of us have much respect and love for you. God Bless You, Charlie & Rose”

“I developed a bump below my earlobe and was worried that it was something bad. The office staff were very nice & the appointment process was easy. Dr. Dalton skillfully treated me with minimal pain and it healed very well. He determined it was not what I feared. I would recommend him to anyone!”

“Dear Dr. Frederickson, I would like to thank you for taking such great care with Angela! She was very apprehensive going into your office, but she was fine leaving it! Thanks! Jim”

“Dear Kim, Thank you for your skill, your kindness, your humility, your genuine concern for Brian and me, your gentle hands and calming professional manner. Trudy”

Dr. Frederickson, In addition to providing top-notch medical care, your emotional support and follow-through made all the difference in the world to us. We are so very grateful, thank you. Erica, Micah and Asher”

Dr. Frederickson, Thank you for providing one of the most positive doctor visits I have ever had. Your exam was thorough, positive and knowledgeable. Kathleen”

“Dear Dr. Frederickson, I wanted to thank you again for taking care of me. You’re so compassionate and I’ve never felt more comfortable in a doctor’s office. Steve”

Dr. Frederickson saw me promptly, diagnosed the condition and prescribed the treatment that cured the rash. Her courteous, gentle and professional manner made such an impression on me that I have happily remained in her exclusive care for many various skin conditions that have needed professional attention including surgery in the years that followed. If a prospective patient were to write a description of all the details that would describe his or her fondest wishes for the medical expertise, and personality of an ideal personal physician together with all the associated and desirable factors such as medical office, its location, parking availability, the assisting staff, and more, then my own experiences would give a superior rating to all of that description regarding Dr. Kim Frederickson and all that being in her care offers.  – Dr. Alvin Bloom”

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