Tinea versicolor presents as scaly patches that are usually pink, brown, or white. The eruption is caused by a yeast found naturally on our skin. Warmth and sweating provide conditions in which the yeast can over-grow and flourish. For this reason, tinea versicolor is most often seen when people sweat more from sports or warm, humid weather.

Tinea versicolor most often involves the upper body and arms. Discolored scaly spots are seen and sometimes become quite widespread. Sometimes the rash is itchy.

Treatment options include topical creams, lotions, or washes that kill the yeast. Low dose oral anti-yeast medicine can be used when the rash is more widespread or severe. The yeast can interfere with the skin’s ability to produce pigment, so even after the yeast is gone the discolored spots may remain for some time. Fairly quickly, the pigmentation in these spots normalize. Careful and controlled sun-exposure can help speed up how quickly the discoloration resolves.


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