Cysts Treatment in Novato

Large pimple under the skin

Cysts are round growths that develop underneath the surface of the skin and started by a clogged pore. Skin cells from within the clogged pore are then trapped underneath the pore instead of sloughing off the surface of the skin. Skin cells slowly fill up a sac-like growth within the skin. A cyst may resemble a pearl under the skin.

Treatment for Cysts in Novato

Cysts are benign and can be left in the skin indefinitely without ever causing a problem, but there is some risk of the cyst rupturing or breaking open and spreading within the skin. The contents of the ruptured cyst are irritating to the skin, so the ruptured cyst becomes like a “boil” or painful red lump.In this case, the cyst may need to be opened up to allow the contents to drain and antibiotics may be necessary if the inflamed cyst becomes infected.

If you feel you have a cyst that needs to be drained, contact us to see a dermatologist.

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